This week, we’ve had the lovely people from CSJ in the studio again, working on the second series of their wonderful show, A Way With Dogs.

The show is designed to appeal to both the general public and those who are au fait with the world of sheepdog trials, and they’ve brought together some of the best sheepdog handlers from around the world to compete.

The video opposite is the first episode of the first series we helped them make and it’s well worth a watch, whether you know anything about sheepdog trials or not.

As with many of the projects we work on, Allen has now become an armchair expert in running sheepdogs. He can furnish you with all sorts of information about run outs, lifts, drives, sheds and penning.

We love working on projects that are nothing like anything else we’ve done before. It adds a wonderful variety to our workload.

If you have a project, be it something totally out there or just some on-hold, get in touch, today. We’d love to hear from you.

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